MatTime opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2016 as location to train for Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu for kids and adults. Empowered by a strong wrestling community our local kids and high schoolers travel throughout the country to wrestle in the Nation's toughest tournaments. Our plan as a gym, was to help make this small town one of the best grappling communities in the state of California and beyond but we also have a greater mission.

At MatTime, we believe in raising kids without a silver spoon and getting back to an older, harder work ethic to raise our kids by. We believe in the principles that make the United States an amazing country and what should be a place to raise good, strong kids that see value in serving their country and their community. These fundamental ideals (hard work, earning what you get in life, not slipping into a victim mentality) are being challenged and held to the fire. We will not bow down. 

The MatTime brand is a reminder for kids (and adults) to put down their devices, games and phones and make their bodies and minds stronger in a challenging environment while learning to respect others along the way. A reminder that things should earned, not given. Hard work, may not always pay, but it gives honor to the man or woman doing it. 

In selling our apparel, we now have a means to honor our principles through a creative process. God. Country. Good work ethic. These are the themes that you'll see within our gear. And though the roots of MatTime are in wrestling, we have tremendous respect for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we believe that - when fused correctly - both wrestlers and grapplers (and Judokas) can better their game by learning from the other.

Imagine that, people with different backgrounds training, respecting and working together under the same roof. Not that hard.