Girls Wrestling Shirt "She Wrestles"


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We champion the girls that lay it out there. We believe that girls can be tough and their beauty should not be measured by what they wear, the number of followers they have nor their popularity. A girl's (and a woman's) beauty can be more accurately measured in other areas like spirit, attitude and resilience. This shirt is made for girls that wrestle and willingly put themselves in a difficult and challenging environment. This shirt is a tribute to the beauty that you may not even know that you have. Keep working hard young ladies.

Pay close attention to the message of "True Beauty" that sits on the back of the shirt. This is the message that I gave to my daughter as a grappler / wrestler and has a story behind it. 

"True Beauty" by MatTime®

We still live in a society that teaches girls that their value as a person is based upon how they look, the clothes they wear or how well they show off their body. Their popularity can be determined by social media and other factors that aren't important.

MatTime is here to dispel these ideas. The champion what we consider to be a self-evident truth: True Beauty is something much deeper.

One way these deeper and genuine traits that make up True Beauty come to the surface is in combat sports like Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. In those moments where a girl's true powerful and resilient nature shows itself. At MatTime we believe these characteristics to be truly, and genuinely feminine. In essence, truly beautiful. And this is exactly why we created this design - True Beauty.

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