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Don’t Tread on Me is that primary design featured on this MatTime dryfit shirt. This phrase is credited to Christopher Gadsden, a politician and soldier from South Carolina that used a coiled rattlesnake with the text, "DON'T TREAD ON ME" for the design of a flag in 1775. The flag was used by the Continental Marines, the successor of which because the United States Marine Corps. The snake was an established symbol for America at the time. Benjamin Franklin notably used it, saying the rattlesnake never backed down when provoked, which captured “the temper and conduct of America.”

Though we seem to have moved away from this old school resolve, it is important to understand this country's history and that's what this shirt is about. As the very fabric and fundamental morality of our country is put to the test, people cannot let their thoughts and beliefs go unspoken. If you see things that you do not like or your values are being attacked "STAND YOUR GROUND". This doesn't mean we should spark conflict, force our own beliefs on others or bring politics into every conversation, rather its a call to simply speak your mind. Oftentimes it seems that the nicest (and often conservative) people are the least likely to express their opinion. If good people continue to hold back and not offer any arguments against fringe movements the more ground will be lost until those that prefer silence find themselves pushed into a corner.

Stand up for what you believe in and let your voice be heard. Regardless of your position on any given subject, try to engage in discussion / debate even if it makes you uncomfortable and yes, even with friends and family. Take the high road and stay calm during discussions or arguments, but do not let your beliefs and values be tread upon without retort.

This is the American Way and we all have a duty to uphold it. Wear this shirt as a reminder of having a voice while words still matter.
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