Adult dry fit Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu shirt

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Our flagship MatTime wrestling and Jiu Jitsu dryfit shirt is for all those who believe in God, Country and hard work. Born in Gold Country, this original MatTime design (from a hand drawn sketch) was created with a Patriotic vibe in mind. This t-shirt was originally created for men but we have plenty of women wearing this shirt as well. 

Contrary to what media might portray, the Stars and Stripes absolutely represents unity and the ability for anyone to achieve their goals and dreams regardless of where they came from, their nationality or their belief system. Work hard, respect your fellow man, have faith and empower those around you and the world will answer you. 

Whether you train on a wrestling or Jiu Jitsu mat, or any sport for that matter, the mat, field or court that you play on should be a place where people from different backgrounds and beliefs come together to meet face to face and attempt to measure up against each other. Respect is a natural bi-product of competition and that is what MatTime represents - different types of people spending time on a mat, grinding, getting better. If people of all belief systems subscribed to this combat sports mentality we'd all be better off.

Keep your head down and work hard. And if you want to look good while doing it, this grappling shirt is for you.